Gold Medallion

A member must be proficient in ALL of the following awards:

a) Bronze Medallion
b) Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate/ART (AID)
c) Apply First Aid/First Aid (AID)

If any of these award proficiencies lapse during the season, even after successful completion of the Gold Medallion, then the member will become non-proficient in the Gold Medallion.

1. Pool Swim

The member must complete an 800-metre swim in 14 minutes or less in a swimming pool of not less than 25 metres. The pool swim must be completed before any other component of the Gold Medallion skills maintenance check.

2. Mission Test

  • The distance will be 400m swim, 800m run, 400m board paddle, and 800m run
  • The time will be 25 minutes or less
  • The run distance to be taken from waist-deep water, e.g. the run is from a flag, around a marker and to waist-deep water, the aquatic components are from waist-deep water around two swimming buoys and back to waist-deep water
  • The preferred aquatic course is around two swimming buoys

3. Rescue

Demonstrate a board and tube rescue according to SLSA operating procedures in the current Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue Training Manual.

  • Tube Rescue: Complete a tube rescue of a patient 100 metres out to sea and return. Member should use swim fins during this rescue
  • Board Rescue: Complete a board rescue of a patient 200 metres out to sea and return.

4. Complex Rescue Scenario

May include one of the rescues as mentioned in point 3.

Demonstrate a complex rescue scenario as set by the Assessor according to the SLSA operational procedures in the current Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue Training Manual.

The rescue must assess the following events:

  • Negotiating the surf zone
  • Securing the patient/s
  • Calling for assistance
  • Returning to shore without losing the patient/s
  • Performing emergency care as required by the patient/s

Awards involving resuscitation are to be assessed annually. Once proficiency is achieved, resuscitation in other award skills maintenance checks is not required.

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