Healthier ways in 2020 thanks to Healthways

YSLSC has recently been very lucky to receive a grant from Healthways, who has literally changed the way we will be delivering snacks and drinks to the club.

Our traditional sausage sizzle will remain a feature of our Sunday mornings, but we are adding some additional choices to it for your eating pleasure!

In the spirit of a healthy lifestyle, which promotes healthy choices in all areas of the club, we have embraced this change more than even we anticipated! We will be focussing on the traffic light system, and working with Fuel-to-Go to ensure we deliver what is best for a healthy sports club.

Healthy Sporting Club Program uses a Traffic light system to rate food and drinks as green, amber
or red, based on their nutritional value. The Traffic light system is based on the Australian Dietary
Guidelines and Guide to Healthy Eating. This Fuel to Go & Play ‘Traffic lights on the menu’ fact
sheet provides further information about the types of food and drinks that fit into each category. 

We have used the grant to purchase a Vita-mix, which will allow us to bring smoothies and fresh juice to our early morning menu. We will continue to market the bacon and egg rolls for our early risers, helpers, and anyone who wants one. These are made to order, and can only be ordered through the website here

We have also purchased a popcorn maker, and we will be selling bags of popcorn at the sausage sizzle for $1. Popcorn is a healthy snack of unprocessed whole grain and has many health benefits. Both filling and healthy, we feel confident that this little snack is a great addition to our menu.

We have also purchased two cooking appliances which will be a great asset during our little events, such as breakfast for the abalone volunteers and the various functions we hold during the year. These will also be used to offer our members special dishes each week, such as pasta bowls, risotto, and gorgeous ragus, something a little more substantial since it is lunchtime by the time nippers and patrol end. We will start off by offering one special meal per week, so feel free to make suggestions as to what you would like to see!

So the next time you come to nippers, remember that you can order breakfast – available between 8.15 am and 9am  – or enjoy a nice little light lunch while supporting the club and enjoying our new healthy menu.

The grant has also offered our cafe volunteers the wonderful opportunity to learn more about healthier food choices, maintaining a safe and healthy environment for you, and nutritional benefits that can be delivered to our members. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the WA School Canteens Association, the Department of Education, Healthways, Fuel-to-Go and every single person involved in this fantastic initiative for considering Yanchep Surf Life Saving Club for this generous grant. We are all very excited to be involved and to be the recipient of this grant!

Janine, Anjolic & Anne and all of the volunteers are very enthusiastic about delivering a new and improved menu this year! Can you think of a healthy recipe that you would like to add to our menu? Feel free to email us your recipes here


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