YSLSC youth development and activities will enrich the lives of young members through fun, involvement and the acquisition of
personal, lifesaving and competition skills, in a safe aquatic environment.

Youth members have unique needs due to their social, emotional and physical developmental growth.  
Consequently, it is important that YSLSC establishes an environment that nurtures these members and provides them with an opportunity to grow.  


2023/24 Cadets Information Guide

Member Cadet

Yanchep Cadets  provide a safe, educational and enjoyable environment that promotes the Australian way of life and a healthy active lifestyle.

Surf Life Saving activities are organised so that young people have positive experiences regardless of developmental status and should be focussed on FUN and LEARNING.

These learning opportunities focus on personal improvement in both surf sports and surf lifesaving.

Yanchep Cadets encourages young members to develop their surf awareness skills, grow into proficient surf lifesavers andexperience the wide range of opportunities that Surf Life Saving has to offer.

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Cadet Manager: Maddie Walker


Yanchep Cadets offer a gradual and seamless transition from Nippers to youth programs.

Yanchep Cadets increase the opportunity for new youth members who did not participate in Nippers to join and learn the skills required to become lifesavers.

Yanchep Cadets develop individuals holistically across the pillars of surf life saving being lifesaving; surf sports; and training.