Patrol Membership

How can you become a patrolling member?

YSLSC has its own qualified volunteer trainers who conduct Bronze Medallion (BM) and Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) courses. Course length depends on how many candidates are in the group, as well as the learning capability of the individuals. Each course involves 2 – 3 hours, one night a week, plus 3 to 4 hours on either a Saturday or Sunday. The course length on average is 6 – 8 weeks. 

Note: The Club does not teach you how to swim. You do need to be able to swim 400m in 9 minutes when you commence training for your Bronze Medallion and 200m in 5 minutes when you commence training for your SRC.  

LIFE SAVING Beach Patrols

The primary role of any SLS club is the protection of beach users and to save lives. The life saving duties of a club are carried out by surf patrols, consisting mostly of Active members. Beach patrols are the most important component of club activities. Generally, Yanchep SLSC maintains Sunday morning patrols, although this varies over the season to include Special Patrols, like abalone patrol and assistance with community activities should they require our services. All Active and Award members (Cadets and Seniors) will be included on a patrol roster. Members who have their HLT003 (Provide First Aid) will also be requested to patrol.

Patrol dates and hours are contracted between the Club and the City of Wanneroo with whom we have a Life Saving Agreement. The patrolling season is generally on Sunday Mornings  from the last weekend in October through to the last weekend in March. Patrol hours are usually 8.00am – 12pm.

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