Gym Policy

Yanchep Surf Lifesaving Club accepts no responsibility for any injuries caused using the gym and its equipment by its members. Members undertake to use the gym at their own risk.


Gym facilities are provided by the Club for the benefit of its members. This policy outlines the gym rules for Club members.

This policy recognises the limited gym resources (ie. space, access time, equipment) compared to its potential usage, so aims to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of members when using the gym, offer a fair access to members based on priority and ensure occupational health and safety (OHS) of the users of the gym.


‘The Club’ – Yanchep Surf Life Saving Club

‘The Gym’ – The designated area (currently located in the ground floor of the Club) and associated gym equipment.

‘Gym user’ – Anyone entering the gym.

‘Peak times’ – The periods when the gym is likely to be in highest demand, currently defined as weekdays (Monday to Friday inclusive) from 5am–8am and 4pm–8pm.

‘Non-Peak times’ – The periods when the gym is likely to be in least demand, currently at times other than peak times.

‘Full Member’ – As defined in the Club Constitution.

‘Active Member’ – Bronze medallion holders undertaking rostered patrols and/or competing on behalf of the Club.

‘Long Service Members’ – Those members granted exemption from patrolling duties by the Club. (must be proficient)

‘Gym Supervisor’ – The General Manager of Surf Sports or Manager of Coaching may appoint a Gym Supervisor(s) to be responsible for: – maintenance of the gym; – liaison with the Manager of Coaching on capital purchases for the gym; and – maintaining up-to-date sign-in books of the users of the gym. – Maintaining OSH requirements through audits etc.

‘Gym Membership’ – Available for purchase by Social Members (as per Club Constitution) at an annual fee.


All gym users must adhere to the following rules:

Access For insurance and good management purposes, all gym users must be a member of the Club. The Club endorsed coaches may extend the use of the gym to other Surf Club affiliated members and individuals (i.e. not affiliated with any surf club, such as guest coaches) only upon the approval of the President or Director of Lifesaving

To ensure fair access, subject to the other conditions of this policy, the following rules must be observed by gym users:

1. Access during Peak Time is reserved for active, administrative, patrolling/long service Club members.

2. Access during Non-Peak Times is open to financial, active, patrolling/long service Club members and social members who have purchased ‘Gym Membership’.

3. Every member wishing to use the gym must have a gym access card.

4. Unless otherwise stated in this policy, non-Club members must not use the gym and Club members must not allow access to the gym by non-members.

5. The minimum age for gym users is 15 years.

6. Members who purchase Gym Membership may only use the gym during Non-Peak Times.

7. From time to time, training squads may book sections of the gym through the Gym Supervisor or Manager of Coaching. During these times, such squads have exclusive rights to the use of the booked section.

8. Members less than 15 years of age may be granted access by the Director of Lifesaving if:

– approved by a parent/guardian;

– the gym user is assessed as appropriate by a Club endorsed coach; and

– constant supervision is provided by a Club endorsed coach.

9.Key access cards remain the property of the club and when lost must notify the club immediately.


All gym users are expected to adhere to the following :

1.     No smoking, food or drink (other than plastic/metal bottles/water cooler) is permitted in the gym.

2.     Do not remove equipment from the gym without supervisor approval.

3.     Always use a towel for hygiene purposes and WIPE EQUIPMENT AFTER USE.

4.     If you are the last person in the gym, switch off all electrical equipment and secure premises on leaving.

5.     Lifters must use collars on bars and must not drop weights on floor.

6.     Lifters must use spotters on all moderate to heavy sets.

7.     Do not leave weights on the floor. Return all weights to racks after use.

8.     Return all equipment to its allocated position

9.  Gym users must always dress appropriately – closed shoes must always be worn.

10. Respect your fellow gym users. Disruptive inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

11. Please treat gym equipment as if it were your own.   



All gym users must agree in writing to the following Terms and Conditions of use:

  1. I waive all claims or causes of action which I might otherwise have arising out of loss or life or injury, damage or any other loss, which I may suffer in the course of or consequent upon my entry or participation in any activities in the gymnasium.
  2. This waiver, release and discharge shall operate separately in favour of any person involved in the ownership and/or operation of the Gymnasium. The waiver shall operate whether or not the loss, injury or damage is attributable to the act or neglect of any one or more of such persons.
  3. I acknowledge that I will comply with any reasonable direction of the officials and staff of the Yanchep Surf Life Saving Club, as per the ‘Gymnasium Use Policy’ and ‘Code of Conduct’.
  4. I acknowledge that I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions and athletic equipment whilst at the Gymnasium or during its related activities.
  5. I consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and/or illness whilst on the premises. It is suggested that all persons seek medical advice and obtain a medical clearance prior to engaging in physical exercise.
  6. I am aware that the use of the Gymnasium and its facilities may involve strenuous activity that can be physically demanding, and that exercise and the equipment used is potentially dangerous.
  7. I agree that I am in a good state of health and I am medically fit to use the gymnasium facilities and there is no medical reason to prevent me from proceeding with the use of the gymnasium facilities without endangering my health.
  8. I agree to conduct myself in an orderly and proper manner and not engage in conduct which could cause harm, create a hazard or nuisance to other members, or damage equipment or facilities.
  9. I acknowledge that the Club cannot warrant the safety and suitability of the Gymnasium equipment.
  10. I hereby assume all risks associated with the use of the premises and facilities.
  11. I acknowledge that the Gymnasium is an unsupervised facility and its use is therefore the responsibility of authorised members.
  12. YSLSC reserves the right to amend the gym policy from time to time to suit the changing demographics and requirements of the club.

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in suspension of use and depending on the severity and repetition of the breach of rules, a Board Director may also suspend, cancel and/or permanently restrict a Club member or gym user from accessing the gym.